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VMware Virtualization Solutions featured in the Tech Data Advance Technology Solution Centre
vSphere 5.5 Server Virtualization Infrastructure

  • Configuration and Installation of ESXi HyperVisor
  • Provisioning Datastores (iSCSI, FibreChannel, VSA)
  • Deployment of vSphere Appliances (I.E. vCenter / vShield / Ops Manager / VSAs)
  • Configuring and using Update Manager and 3rd Party Plugins
  • Installing and configuration of VMs including creating Templates
  • Best Practices and discussion for:
    • Implementing and Configuring vCenter
    • Creating and Configuring Data Centers¬† / Clusters / Resource Pools
    • Implementing High Availability (HA) and Fault-tolerance (FA)
    • Analyzing vCenter Operation Data
    • Backing up VMware Environment
    • Disaster Recovery (DR) / Site to Site Replication (SRM)
    • Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) / Dynamic Power Manager (DPM)

Virtualize Desktop Infrastructure

  • VMware Horizon Suite 5.3 VDI Environment
  • View Configuration and Deployment including:
    • View Connection Server Implementation & Configuration
    • View Security Server Implementation & Configuration
    • View Composer Server Implementation & Configuration
    • Active Directory Integration
    • View Administration Console
    • Golden Image Creation / Maintenance/ Updating /¬† Snapshots
  • Mirage Server:
    • Mirage Server Implementation & Configuration
    • Creating and Capturing Base Layer Images
    • Base Layer Provisioning and Assignment
    • Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Workspace (Single Pane Access)
    • Implementation & Configuration of Workspace vApp
    • Integration for Active Directory / Exchange Server
    • Remote File Access (Dropbox)
    • VDI Instances
    • Discussion of SaaS Apps / Cloud Apps
    • Single Sign-On to all Resources

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