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Come see what ShoreTel has to offer in the ATSC!

ShoreTel is a 100% channel organization and sees our partner base as a driving factor to our overall business strategy. Along with its low total cost of ownership, the ShoreTel UC system helps organizations leverage their most valuable assets: people and information. Whether they are using ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple solution to replace old phone systems, to upgrade to unified communications, or to modernize their contact centers, organizations worldwide consistently give ShoreTel the highest ratings for customer satisfaction.

One specific appliance that makes the ShoreTel offering so successful is the SA-100, a 1U, plug-and-play appliance designed to integrate seamlessly into the ShoreTel system and to install where you need it on your network to provide cost-effective conferencing and instant messaging (IM) services for ShoreTel system users. Some benefits include:

  • Serves as a hub that receives audio and data streams from participants
  • Bundles the streams, and broadcasts the bundles to other conference participants
  • Maintains conference Web pages and manages IM sessions for users
  • Seamlessly integrates with user desktop applications such as ShoreTel Communicator and Microsoft Outlook.

Come see what ShoreTel has to offer!

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Webinars: http://www.shoretel.com/resource_center/webinars_podcasts

White Papers: http://www.shoretel.com/resource_center/white_papers

For more information, contact championpartner@shoretel.com


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