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APC by Schneider Electric:

Whether you’re building a small data center with fewer than 40 enclosures or a medium data center with as many as 200, APC enables you to adapt your data center to the changing needs of a business.

Anticipate change. With modular architecture, there’s no need to oversize your physical infrastructure—you can keep your data center right-sized, every step of the way.

Adapt accordingly. From our innovative modular PDUs to the variable speed fans of our InRow cooling units, InfraStruxure HD-Ready Architecture puts you in the ideal position to adapt to growing IT demand and enable new technologies.

Finally, "any-IT" compatibility is here
Only NetShelter SX adapts easily to ever-changing IT needs

You’re probably hearing some common pain points about virtualization and high-density processing: poor or improper ventilation, insufficient power distribution, and unorganized cabling. Perhaps the biggest customer headache is trying to integrate different vendors’ IT equipment in a legacy enclosure. This kink significantly slows down HD integration.

The long and short of it? Most traditional data centers were not designed to handle improved IT technologies. Fortunately, APC by Schneider Electric gives you a way to help your customers keep up. How? APC’s adaptable enclosures and Rack PDUs allow data centers to evolve easily alongside the new IT technologies housed therein.


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