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Enabling the Modern Classroom

  • Teach from Anywhere in the Classroom
  • Bring Your Curriculum to Life
  • Compatible with Your Gear
  • Add Support for Windows 7with ScreenBeam Transmitter
  • Device Management for IT
  • The Control You Need for the Classroom
  • No Wi-Fi Network Required
  • VGA to HDMI adapter included

ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition Datasheet

Business-Class Wireless Display Receiver

ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition enables users with compatible mobile devices to wirelessly display any content on the TV or projector.
  • Designed for conference rooms
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Supports Intel® Pro WiDi and Miracastâ„¢ clients
  • IT Manageable
  • Make Every Conference-Room A Secure Cable-Free Zone
  • The First Intel Pro WiDi Receiver
  • Collaborate on the Fly and More
  • Eliminate the Hassle of Carrying Cables
  • Intel Pro WiDi Manageability and Control
  • The Security that Business Networks Need
  • Works With Millions of Devices
  • Option to Centrally Manage Your Receivers
  • Optional VGA to HDMI Adapter

ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition Datasheet

ScreenBeam Competitive Chart

ScreenBeam Central Management System




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